What is the extension set used for? (MIC-KEY)

The extension set connects your low-profile MIC-KEY* tube to your nutrition and medication source(s) (syringe, feed bag, etc). Several types and lengths of extension sets are available.  Your care team will advise you on what method of feeding is recommended for your condition and needs, as well as provide details on how to use it. Detach the extension set when not in use and wash it between feedings.

Continuous extension sets typically come with a right-angle connector so it can lie flat against the stomach and swivels with your movements. This makes it comfortable for continuous feeding.

Bolus extension sets can be used for feeding with a catheter tip syringe or feeding bag. Bolus feeding is comparable to a normal feeding pattern and normally takes 20 to 40 minutes. The bolus extension set is intended to be used for short term feeding when the person receives multiple feedings throughout the day. The straight connector and wide tubing allows for quick feeds.

Some extension sets feature an ENFit® connector and will require an ENFit® syringe to administer nutrition or medications.

How should the extension set be maintained? (MIC-KEY)

The extension set should be washed after every feeding with warm, soapy water, then rinsed thoroughly and allowed to air dry. Prompt flushing and rinsing prevent nutrition and medication from drying and collecting.