PEG Tubes

Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) Tubes

Known as PEG tubes, these are typically the first type of tube doctors recommend when a person needs a long-term feeding option.

They go from the abdomen through a tunnel to the stomach, called the stoma tract. Doctors use an endoscope to help guide the procedure to place a PEG tube, and once the tube reaches the right spot, doctors use a plastic bumper to help the tube stay in place in the stomach. A thin plastic disk will also be used on the outside of your belly to help the tube stay in place.

PEG tubes can stay in as long as they’re needed. These tubes are a standard-length, sometimes called a “dangler,” meaning they stick out from your abdomen. Ask your doctor about what options are available to you after your PEG placement.

Anatomy of a Tube

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